About Us

BAY CANNON BEER COMPANY is a 7bbl craft brewery opening in West Tampa, Florida in 2019.  Offering a variety of beer styles and onsite food options, we intend to pay homage to the amazing history and diversity in our community with some flavors that may be familiar and some that may test your perception of what beer can be!

Buildout of our brewery location at 2106 W. Main St. is currently in progress.  Please follow us on social media to stay up to date and look for an opening date SOON in 2019!

The Team

Matthew Juaire, Operations
Joe Simmons, Head Brewer


Bay Cannon Beer Co.

2106 W. Main St.

Tampa, FL 33607


West Tampa

Brewing History

Due to the pressures of the Great Depression and mechanization in 1933, the Tampa-Cuba Cigar Company, in West Tampa, Florida, was forced to close its doors.  DeSoto Brewing Company, purchased the building, located at 1202 N. Howard, and turned it into a brewery, an attempt to take advantage of the recent repeal of Prohibition.  DeSoto Brewing Company opened in late 1934 and offered four brands: De Soto Beer, Colonial Ale, Gasparilla Beer, and German Type Lager.  Despite the post-Prohibition boom, DeSoto brands never took off.  The company was forced to shutter its doors just two years later in 1936.

With the rise of the craft brewing industry in the early 2000s, the Tampa Bay area has become a major hub for great beer within the United States. Local breweries from Tampa to St. Petersburg are producing nationally recognized, award-winning, and highly sought-after beers in a variety of styles.

Now 83 years after DeSoto Brewing closed its doors, BAY CANNON BEER COMPANY is humbled to be joining the amazing Bay area craft beer community... And excited to bring brewing back to West Tampa!

DeSoto Brewing Sign. 1202 N. Howard Ave.

DeSoto Brewing Sign. 1202 N. Howard Ave.

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